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Mary Taylor Wasn't Always Against Medicaid Expansion

John Minchillo
Associated Press
Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor with her running mate, Nathan Estruth.

Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor continues to call for a debate with Attorney General Mike DeWine – saying her opponent in the Republican primary for governor has been unclear and even flip flopped on Medicaid expansion. But it appears Taylor also has made a major change on that issue.

In September, Taylor announced that if elected, she’d end Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid expansion, and reiterated her opposition at a Republican candidates’ forum a few weeks later.

“From day one was very clear with the governor that I did not support Medicaid expansion,” Taylor said.

But in July 2013, when the Kasich administration was trying to get Medicaid expansion passed, she said something different.

“The governor has been very vocal. He’s going to push on and ultimately get this done for Ohioans, working poor in Ohio. And I support the governor,” Taylor told Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles.

In their campaigns for governor, Taylor and DeWine have both said Medicaid expansion is unsustainable, but DeWine hasn’t explicitly said he would end enrollment in Medicaid for some 700,000 Ohioans as Taylor has.