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Unemployment Fund Fix Moving Forward, Even Without Labor Groups

Rep. Kirk Schuring talks with a group of reporters
Andy Chow
Ohio Public Radio
Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) tells a group of reporters that his bill to change the unemployment compensation fund is still moving through committee.

The bill to change the way money is put into the fund the state uses to pay benefits to unemployed workers is taking another step forward this week. But it has yet to pick up support from labor or business groups.

Republican leaders in the House say the clock is ticking for lawmakers to do something about the state’s unemployment compensation fund, which they say would dry up quickly in the event of a recession.

Stark County Republican Rep. Kirk Schuring says that’s why they’re moving forward with his bill, which would increase how much money companies pay into the fund while decreasing benefits to workers.

“This is a bill that’s going to require sacrifice so no one’s going to pat us on the back and say, 'job well done.’ But it’s something that the state of Ohio needs," Schuring says.

Although labor and business groups still oppose the bill, Schuring believes they’re closer to reaching a compromise.