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Ohio Among States Named In Pollution Control Lawsuit

A group of northeast states is taking issue with industrial pollution drifting in from the south and Midwest. New York and seven others are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to have Ohio and eight other states added to the so-called Ozone Transport Region. 

The Ozone Transport Region was created under the Clean Air Act to curb air pollution drifting across local borders. In 2013, eight states in the northeast asked the U.S. EPA to add nine more states to the region.

It wasn’t until late last year that EPA administrator Scott Pruitt officially denied that petition. The EPA argues there are other programs that reduce industrial smog flowing across state lines.

The federal lawsuit is asking the EPA to reconsider that decision. The agency declined to comment.

The Ohio EPA says it supports the Trump administration’s decision. They say the state has significantly reduced ozone-causing emissions, and adding stricter regulations could cost the state more than $30 million annually.