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Record Number Of Ohio Travelers Predicted For Holidays


A record number of Ohioans are expected to travel this holiday weekend, according to AAA Ohio Auto Club.

AAA predicts about 92 percent of Ohioans will be driving to their destinations during the three-day weekend.

Senior manager of public affairs Kimberly Schwind says the amount of people traveling has steadily increased year-by-year.

“We’re looking at a 3.6 percent increase in Ohio over last year,” Schwind says. “It is the ninth consecutive year for travel growth, and we’re expecting nearly 4.5 million Ohioans to be traveling between this Saturday, Dec. 23 and Monday, Jan. 1.”

Schwind says AAA expects to give roadside assistance to 1 million travelers nationwide this weekend. She reminds drivers to pack emergency kits with extra food, cellphone chargers and flashlights in case they find themselves stuck waiting for help.

AAA also expects an uptick in air travel this year.

“One of the reasons we’re seeing an increase in air travel is we’re seeing airfare down about 20 percent compared to last year," Schwind says. "So cheaper airfares, more people are flying."

Schwind also says travel hit low levels during the recession, but has been building back up since.