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Mike DeWine And Jon Husted Teaming Up In Governor's Race

DeWine and Husted both have statewide name recognition and millions of dollars in their campaign funds.

Two Republicans who were running against each other to become Ohio's next governor have decided to team up instead.

Attorney General Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted were likely to be formidable opponents in the May primary, but a press release from Husted confirmed their ambitions.

"Republicans have been fighting with each other long enough," Husted wrote. "Had I continued my run for Governor, Mike and I would have fought a brutal campaign that would have left the winner bruised and broken with only a few months to rebuild in time for the General Election."

Under their plan, DeWine leads the ticket and Husted will be his running mate, vying for Lieutenant Governor.

That leaves current Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and Congressman Jim Renacci still vying for the Republican nomination. Renacci, Dewine and Husted each had over $4 million in fundraising as of the last report in July, with Taylor far behind at less than a half a million.

Taylor will make an announcement on Thursday afternoon about the future of her campaign, according to a press release.

The 70-year-old DeWine has significant name recognition after four decades in elected office, including his time as a U.S. Senator. Husted, 50, is a former House speaker and is considered a rising star in the party.

DeWine and Husted are expected to make their first appearance in Dayton and then in Columbus.

The Democratic side is just as crowded. It already includes former Ohio Rep. Connie Pillich, former Congresswoman Betty Sutton, Ohio Rep. Joe Schiavoni, and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley.

They could be joined by Richard Cordray, the former head of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cordray, also a former Ohio attorney general, resigned his position at the CFPB two weeks ago, but the Democrat has not said whether he'll run for governor.