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Cleveland-Based ManCan Sells Wine, You Guessed It, Out Of A Can

ManCan Wine
ManCan Wine features three different flavors: Red, white, and white fizz.

A Cleveland company is proposing a different way of drinking wine.

Graham Veysey, founder of ManCan Wine in Ohio City, says canned wine is more convenient and portable. ManCan sells a 4-pack for $25, with red and white wine blends and a fizzy white wine.

Veysey believes Northeast Ohio is a good place for an innovation like this.

“I think that you do have this entrepreneurial ecosystem that is becoming even more robust,” Veysey says. “You’re starting to see more and more of consumer-product goods and non-tech coming up and I think that that diversification is a sign of a strong ecosystem.”       

The cans are sold in grocery stores throughout the Cleveland area and in 14 states outside of Ohio. Around Columbus, it’s stocked at stores like The Bottle Shop and Savor Growl.

Wine expert and Kent State professor Anthony Carlucci says new consumers will be open to the idea of drinking wine out of a can, but he suggests pouring it into a glass.