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Puppy Mill Amendment Can Begin Collecting Petition Signatures

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The green light has been given to Stop Puppy Mills Ohio to begin collecting signatures on a proposed constitutional amendment involving so-called puppy mills.

The Ohio Ballot Board has given its O.K. to animal welfare advocates who filed the petition to put a vote on puppy mills as a single ballot issue next year. Now backers of "The Ohio Puppy Mill Prevention Amendment" can begin circulating petition signatures from Ohioans to put the proposed amendment on the ballot.

Breeders with eight or more unspayed females, and annual sales of more than 15 dogs, would be subject to regulations on care standards for dogs and limit the number of litters a female dog could produce.

In order to qualify for the November 2018 election, they'll need almost 306,000 valid signatures from at least half of Ohio’s counties by July 4 of next year. If voters pass it, the care standards would be added to the Ohio constitution.

Many humane societies and rescue groups back the plan but pet stores and some breeders are expected to fight the proposal.