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Ohio Lawmakers Schedule Potential Override Vote For Kasich Budget Vetoes

The Ohio Statehouse
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Ohio’s budget battle continues this week as lawmakers are expected to try to override some of the vetoes Gov. John Kasich made when signing a two-year budget into law last week.

Ohio lawmakers will try to override Kasich’s veto of a freeze on enrollment in Medicaid expansion.

Kasich says 500,000 Ohioans would lose Medicaid coverage if the measures goes into law.

A House session is scheduled for Thursday, and both chambers have scheduled a full session for July 12.

Among the items vetoed is a proposal to increase taxes on health insurers that would have sent money to counties and regional bus services.

State lawmakers proposed the idea to make up for lost revenue from a sales tax that is being discontinued on Medicaid managed care organizations.

But the Kasich administration says the governor vetoed the tax increase proposal because it would've risked losing a bigger chunk of money and created a $615 million loss for Medicaid.

The administration says the proposed tax increase would've needed to be approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Kasich officials say all indications are that wouldn't have happened.

County leaders now say they're worried they may have to cut programs.