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Alcoholic Ice Cream And Other Overshadowed House Budget Proposals

ice cream
Sergey Melkonov
Flickr Creative Commons

The new budget plan introduced by House Republicans strips away Gov. John Kasich’s tax reform plans, adds money to schools and to fight the opioid epidemic, and cuts spending growth. But there are a few proposals peppered into the budget that may have gone unnoticed at first glance.

Its customary for the big budget changes to make headlines in the first few days after rolling out. But there are plenty of other, lesser known proposals that are just as eye-catching.

The House budget bill would:

  • Allow liquor permit holders to make alcoholic ice cream of up to 6% ABV;
  • Reduce the required amount of sick days for university employees from 15 to 10 days;
  • Let the state’s seven racinos put in video poker
  • Allow students to use paper and pencil for their state tests; and
  • Make it clear that there’s no sales tax when you pay to play a song over a digital jukebox.

House members have until early next week to offer amendments into an already packed budget bill.