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Kasich Warns Washington Against Healthcare Policy That "Puts People in the Ditch"

John Kasich
File photo
John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich had strong words for leaders in Washington from his own party. Kasich’s comments came amid uncertainty over Ohio’s fiscal future.

The proposed budget from Gov. John Kasich will spend less money than previously planned, but continues Medicaid expansion.

And Kasich says the state’s opioid epidemic is why it’s important that the White House and Congress keep Medicaid expansion if they repeal the federal health care law. Then Kasich, who has said he’s not running for anything, threw a jab at his fellow Republicans in Washington.

“A lot of those campaign promises that were made during the election have all been thrown aside, it’s interesting isn’t it? So we just have to be careful that we’re not fulfilling a campaign promise that puts people in the ditch," Kasich says.

Medicaid accounts for about a quarter of Ohio's budget. Most the the expansion is paid for with federal dollars.