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Want To Avoid Street Sweeping Tows? Columbus Now Offers Digital Reminders

Gary Brown/YouTube

Columbus residents worried about their car being towed on street sweeping days can now sign up for automated alerts. 

You've probably seen the street signs declaring, "No parking on second Tuesday of the month" or something similar. Or maybe you've missed one and learned the hard way.

The parking limitations are a nuisance for drivers scouring for parking, and for city workers who have to call a tow truck to do their job.

That’s why Columbus City Council member Michael Stinziano says he pushed the Department of Public Safety to create a new online tool where people can see a schedule of street cleaning days for their neighborhood, and get notifications by email, text message and their phone calendar.

City leaders say they’ve seen success with a similar online tool for reminders on trash, recycling and yard-waste collection days.