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Death Penalty Pursued Against Sex Offender For Murder of Ohio State Senior

Family photo
Reagan Tokes

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien will pursue the death penalty against Brian Golsby, the man accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering Ohio State University senior Reagan Tokes in early February.

The Franklin County grand jury returned an indictment against Brian Golsby.

Golsby will be charged with aggravated murder, including four death penalty specifications for rape, robbery, kidnapping and avoiding detention or apprehension.

“He abducted [Tokes], drove around in her car for a couple hours with her, raped her and then executed her with two gunshot wounds to the head," O'Brien says. "It's just a terrible terrible case.”

Golsby is also accused of committing some street robberies in the German Village area from January 23 to February 7, the day before the murder, approaching people with a gun or a knife.

Credit Grove City Police

O'Brien says Golsby is a career criminal who was patrolling the streets in search of a vulnerable victim to rob.

“He was basically patrolling the streets looking for a vulnerable victim to rob, and Ms. Tokes just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” O’Brien says. 

Golsby will be arraigned Monday.