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Where Do Ohio's Members Of Congress Stand On The Republican Health Care Bill?

Lawrence Jackson
The White House

The vote has been delayed, but Republican leaders are still aiming to pass their health care proposal.

The bill under consideration in the House of Representatives would change health coverage for a lot of people. The American Health Care Act would no longer require that Americans buy health insurance, for instance, and it would eliminate current subsidies, replacing them with a fixed refundable tax credit.

A scheduled vote Thursday was delayed after Republicans came up short on support from party members. It may still receive a vote Friday.

An analysis by the Congressional Budget Office found that in the next year, 14 million fewer people would have health coverage if the bill passed. By 2026, 24 million fewer people would have coverage.

In Ohio, members of Congress and Governor Kasich have expressed concern about a possible rollback of Medicaid expansion. Under the Affordable Care Act, 700,000 Ohioans have gotten coverage from this program. A number of Republicans, in Ohio and around the country, have announced their opposition to the bill

To help Americans understand where Congress stands on the debate over this legislation, NPR and Member stations around the country have compiled a database of Congressional members’ positions on the bill.