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Ohio Expands Concealed Carry To More Locations, But Few Are Opting In

Mandie Trimble

Changes to Ohio's concealed carry law take effect Tuesday. That means more places - like daycares, government building and universities - have the option to allow people to carry a concealed firearm in public. But advocates on both sides aren't thrilled.

Jeffry Smith, a firearm instructor and gun rights activist, calls the law a step in the right direction. But he thinks the law is cumbersome. 

For example, while a concealed carry license holder can now bring their gun to more locations, like a school or their place of employment, they have to store the gun in their car, in a locked glove compartment or the trunk.

"This law doesn't go all the way because the way that the firearm has to be stored in a way that is clumsy or difficult for many people," Smith says.

Jennifer Thorn, with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, says just the opposite.

"You know, the idea that this doesn't go far enough - this goes way too far," Thorn says. "This is not right for Ohio."

Thorne says guns left in cars could be stolen and fuel the underground weapons market. She's also opposed to daycares, universities and government buildings allowing concealed carry.

As of now, though, not a single Ohio government building or university has opted to do so.