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Grant Leader Says Guards Lacked Compassion But Followed Protocols

Three unidentified security guards at Grant Medical Center stand over a man after a physical altercation.

The president of Grant Medical Center says three white security guards could have been more compassionate during an altercation with a black man outside the Columbus hospital. But Grant President Michael Lawson also says an initial investigation shows the guards followed hospital protocols.

A video statement by Lawson posted to the hospital's website called the incident “an opportunity for our team to look beyond their official training” and show more compassion.

“Patients and visitors entering our hospitals are often under great stress and we must always be attune to their concerns and needs,” Lawson said. “We have to be overly diligent in working to assess those needs to effectively and respectfully de-escalate situations like this.”

A viral video of the incident shows guards approaching Shelton Adams outside the hospital Monday night. The video did not record what was said, but it shows guards pointing at Adams while he stands with a hand in his pocket.

Adams takes a step toward the guards, but one of the guards pushes him backwards. Adams flicks his cigarette at the guards, who then shoot what appears to be pepper spray in Adams' face and hit him with a baton.

A guard then throws the mace can at Adams, and the three men tackle Adams to the ground.

Adams has pleaded not guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.

The woman who filmed the video says she thought guards overreacted and harassed Adams before the altercation turned physical.

A further investigation continues, and the guards remain on what the hospital calls a fact-finding suspension.