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Ohio Electors Deliver 18 Votes For Donald Trump

Andy Chow
Ohio's electors take an oath of office before casting their votes for Donald Trump.

Ohio's 18 Electoral College members have voted to support Republican Donald Trump.

The group voted Monday at the Ohio Statehouse. Their support formalizes Trump's general election victory in the battleground state last month.

They acted as the cries of hundreds of protesters could be heard outside the Senate chamber. They demonstrated to push for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton won the popular vote nationally, but secured just 43 percent of the vote in Ohio compared to Trump's 51 percent.

An Ohio state law bound electors to vote for the nominee of the party that appointed them, which this year was the Republicans.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a former Trump rival, urged unity. Kasich was pulled into Monday's process to help oversee replacement of State Rep. Christina Hagan, who had resigned her spot as an elector after a legal challenge.

She was replaced by Rob Scott, who helped run Trump's Ohio campaign.