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Just 12 Columbus Police Officers Will Have Body Cameras By Year's End

A plan to equip Columbus police officers with body cameras will only supply 12 officers this year.

Mayor Ginther's campaign goal of outfitting Columbus police officers with body cameras will fall short.

Back in 2015, equipping Columbus police with body cameras within his first year in office was a major part of Ginther's campaign message. At a press conference that fall, Ginther said the cameras would benefit both officers and the public.

"Body cameras are going to help protect the lives of police officers and I think build trust with the community they serve," Ginther said.

After his election, that original promise changed when city leaders announced that the first phase in the rollout of body cameras would begin in 2016.

In the last weeks of 2016, how many officers will actually have body cameras? Just 12, says assistant director of public safety George Speaks.

City officials say it will take three years to outfit about 1,400 officers with the cameras. The whole process will be carried out in eight phases, beginning with traffic patrol officers.