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Farmers Markets More Popular With Better-Educated, Higher-Earning Ohioans


A new poll finds that a majority of Ohioans purchased produce from farmers markets in the past year, but how often varied by income and education levels.  

The 2016 Ohio Health Issues Poll found that 54 percent of those questioned had purchased food at a farmers market last year.   Items sold included fruits and vegetables, as well as other locally produced products such as honey, eggs, cheese and meat.  

Adults with more education were more likely to shop at a farmers market.  About 6 in 10 adults with at least some college responded that they did.  That compares with only 4 in 10 with a high school diploma or less.

The study also found that adults with a bigger income also shopped more often at a farmers market. Sixty-four percent of adults earning more than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level said they had purchased locally grown products at a farmers market.  That compares with only 4 in 10 low income adults.

Ohio has 111 farmers markets that now accept payment through the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.  


Debbie Holmes began her career in broadcasting in Columbus after graduating from The Ohio State University. She left the Buckeye state to pursue a career in television news and worked as a reporter and anchor in Moline, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee.