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OSU Reports More Than $1 Million In Beer Sales

Fans inside The Horseshoe bought more than $1 million worth of beer during OSU's seven home games this season.

It was a good regular season for the Ohio State football team, and beer vendors inside the stadium. It was the first season of beer sales throughout Ohio Stadium during Buckeye football games, and fans were drinking up.

For the Buckeyes' seven home games, OSU reports $1.1 million in beer sales. At $8 to $9 per beer, that means football fans drank at least 122,000 beers in OSU’s seven home games.

That’s about 17,000 beers per game.

It’s not entirely clear if OSU hit its sales goal since the school said it didn’t necessarily have one for the first year; school leaders said they only wanted to compare their sales to some other big schools like the University of Texas.

Texas hasn’t released its sales figure for the entire year, but figures from the first few games show OSU fans buying fewer beers than Longhorn fans.

Texas also sells liquor and wine at its home games. OSU has not said it plans to expand its offerings beyond beer.