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O'Brien Wins Franklin County Prosecutor Race

Esther Honig
At the Franklin County Democratic election party, Zach Klein conceded to incumbent Ron O'Brien.

While Tuesday's contentious Presidential election went into the early morning, results from local elections here in Franklin County were announced. After a close competition for Franklin County prosecutor, longtime incumbent Ron O'Brien won re-election. 

It was the first race for Franklin County Prosecutor in 16 years. Ron O'Brien has held this position since 1997 and has run unopposed in the last three elections.

This year City Council President Zach Klein gave O'Brien a run for his money.

Early in the evening Klein was leading by five points, but eventually conceded the race with 45 percent of the vote. O'Brien won with 49.

"We put our heart on the line and I'm very proud of the work me and my campaign did," Klein says. "Ron ran a great race as well, and kudos to him."

For O'Brien, there was one deciding factor for this race.

"And that was that experience mattered, and that I had the experience and my opponent did not," says O'Brien.

Bob Fitrakis running on the Green Party ticket took 6 percent of the vote.