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First Witnesses Testify In Tensing Trial

University of Cincinnati  patrol officer Philip Kidd demonstrates the use of the Sig Sauer 320 gun the UC officers carry.
University of Cincinnati patrol officer Philip Kidd demonstrates the use of the Sig Sauer 320 gun the UC officers carry.

University of Cincinnati police officers David Lindenschmidt and Philip Kidd say they did not see former officer Ray Tensing being dragged on the day he shot and killed Sam DuBose during a traffic stop. Both men testified Wednesday they saw Tensing standing by DuBose's car and heard tires squealing followed by a gun shot.Tensing is charged with murder in the July 19, 2015 shooting.

Jurors viewed body camera videos of the shooting and heard from both officers. The two were patrolling together on the day of the incident and heard Tensing radio dispatch that he was pulling over a car that was "slow to stop." Both said they decided to go to Tensing's location because the phrase "slow to stop" indicates to officers that there may be something "off" about what's happening. Kidd agreed that the terminology would put him on heightened alert.

When asked if a driver disobeying an officer during a traffic stop would justify a shooting, Kidd answered it would not. On cross examination, he said that it would be justified if the officer feared for his life.

The prosecution next called Alicia Napier who, with her two small children, was in a parked car preparing to leave a relative's home when DuBose pulled over behind her.

Napier testified she saw Tensing approach the car and reach toward his gun. She said she then heard a shot and saw Tensing fall away from the car as it speed away. She told police she thought Tensing was the one who had been shot until she saw him run past her car with gun in hand.

Defense attorney Stew Mathews said afterward Napier sounded confused at times. She said herself that her mind was jumbled as she gave her statement around midnight on the day of the shooting. During testimony she said she had watched the video of the shooting several times on YouTube. Mathews then asked if her testimony was based on what she saw in person and online, to which she responded, "yes."

Prosecutor Joe Deters seemed pleased with Napier's testimony saying she was clear on the point that DuBose's car began moving after the gun fired.

Sam DuBose's fiancé, DaShonda Reid, also took the stand. Her testimony didn't last long. She confirmed the car DuBose was driving was hers and that she didn't know at the time that her drivers license, or his, was suspended. She also stated the brakes on the car were bad.

Prosecutor Joe Deters says he expects to call his video expert Thursday.

DuBose Memorial

Jurors on Tuesday visited the street were the shooting occurred. Deters said a memorial at the site was removed so it wouldn't influence the jury. Black Lives Matter is planning a vigil and rally to rebuild it Thursday night.

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