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Thousands Of Ohioans Purged From Voter Rolls Can Now Vote In November


A federal court has ruled thousands of Ohioans who had been removed from the voter rolls must be allowed to vote in this election.

The Court told Secretary of State Jon Husted to allow voters who have been removed from the voter rolls since 2011 to vote in this election. 

“The vast majority of people who were illegally purged will be able to show up early, in person to vote or will be able to show up on Election Day, cast a provisional ballot and have that provisional ballot counted," says Mike Brickner of the Ohio A.C.L.U.

Husted said he had removed voters who had died, had incorrect addresses or who were deemed as inactive voters. He says he will comply with the judges order to count votes of people who remain eligible in their original county.

The court will revisit the issue after the election to determine a permanent ruling.