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Columbus Woman Wanted For Self-Stabbing Scam


Prosecutors say it's one of the strangest scams they've ever seen.

A Central Ohio woman is accused of fabricating an elaborate story of aggravated robbery and attempted murder to try to bilk Ohio’s crime victims’ assistance fund out of thousands of dollars. 

Nichole Childers of Columbus is wanted on charges of providing false information to mislead a public official, and for instigating a false alarm.

Childers showed up at an emergency room with a stab wound to the torso. She says she was attacked by two teenagers who stabbed and robbed her of $240. 

Later she applied for $8,000 from the Ohio Attorney General’s Crime Victim Compensation fund.  The claim was later denied. 

First Assistant Columbus City Prosecutor Bill Hedrick says he’s seen a lot of scams, but nothing quite like this. Hedrick is appealing to the public for information on Nichole Childers’ whereabouts.