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Evangelist Franklin Graham Urges Thousands To "Pray, Then Vote" During Statehouse Rally

An estimated 5,000 people gathered at the Statehouse for a noontime rally with Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, who’s taken over his father Billy Graham’s ministry. Graham told the crowd the presidential election is about the future of the US Supreme Court, since the winner will be able to appoint a justice right away, and perhaps more. But Graham said he couldn’t tell them who to vote for.  “You say, but Franklin, I don’t like Donald Trump or I don’t like Hillary Clinton, so therefore I’m not going to vote. You vote. You may have to hold your nose, ok, but you vote,” Graham said.

A handful of demonstrators protested during the rally, behind a rainbow banner reading “stop the hate”. Graham has preached against same-sex marriage and abortion.  Ohio was the 47th state where Graham has done similar rallies.

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A handful of protestors demonstrated throughout the rally.
Karen Kasler /
A handful of protestors demonstrated throughout the rally.