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Dog Shelter Director Holds First Daily Briefing About Distemper Outbreak


The director of the Franklin County Dog Shelter held the first of what he says will be daily briefings about the recent distemper outbreak.  62 shelter dogs have now been euthanized. 

Newly appointed shelter director Don Winstel spoke for about 20 minutes but often said he could not provide specifics answers.   

He did say that more than 60 dogs had been euthanized during the outbreak.  Three so far have tested positive for distemper.

People who have recently adopted dogs had been bringing them back for medical checks.  But that, he said, had to stop.

“With this news getting out, obviously people are concerned and our vets are really getting tied up with people bringing dogs back in for checks,” Winstel said.

Winstel says people who adopted dogs from the shelter should take them to their own veterinarian.