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'Roger Ailes' Newsroom Causes Controversy At Ohio University

Ohio University is removing the name of Roger Ailes from a newsroom and returning his gift.

The name of former Fox News head Roger Ailes is at the center of a controversy at Ohio University in Athens.

A newsroom at the Scripps School of Communication is named after the former head of Fox News who was recently ousted from his post after allegations of sexual harassment.

The Graduate Student Senate at OU has proposed Ailes' name be removed from the newsroom. Senate head Ian Armstrong says the group stands behind its proposal.

"We plan in the near future to start reaching out to alumni from the Scripps School of Communication. We hope to speak to the administration in the near future and just continue to keep putting pressure on the administration to come out with an official response," Armstrong said.

In a statement, officials at OU said the university is evaluating the facts surrounding allegations against Ailes and would make a decision after exercising what it called "due diligence."

Roger Ailes is an Ohio University graduate who donated a $500,000 to OU in 2007.