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Health Reports Rosy In Ohio's Otherwise Ugly U.S. Senate Race

Statehouse News Bureau
Democrat Ted Strickland, left, and Republican Rob Portman

There's rosy news in the high-stakes battle for Ohio's U.S. Senate seat: Both Rob Portman and Ted Strickland are in excellent health.

Doctors' letters provided to The Associated Press give glowing medical marks to both men.

AP requested the results of a post-primary physical and, for each, a list of any major health conditions or prescription medications. Neither has any medical problems to speak of.

Sixty-year-old Portman, the Republican incumbent, is an avid sportsman who kayaks and cycles. He's on no medications and has no illnesses or chronic conditions.

Strickland, Ohio's Democratic former governor, takes blood-pressure medicine. His doctor reports the 75-year-old has no illnesses or chronic conditions. Strickland would be the oldest person elected to a first term in the Senate. He says longevity runs in his family.