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Little-Used State Law Forces Congressional District To Have Four Elections In One Year


Residents in the 8th Congressional district in western Ohio may be getting a little vote-weary. The people who used to be represented by House Speaker John Boehner are facing their third election since March, and another one is ahead in November.

March primary winners Republican Warren Davidson and Democrat Corey Foister ran in a special election in June for Boehner's seat.

Davidson won, and he's back on the November ballot with the rest of Congress.

But Foister dropped out, so Democrat Steve Fought will be the only candidate in a special election September 13, being held because of a state law on withdrawals more than 90 days before the general election. 

State Rep. Dorothy Pelanda says it'll cost the district a half a million dollars. 

“Until some incident happens like this, sometimes we just don’t realize how unfair a particular law is until it comes up.”

The Republican from Marysville is proposing to repeal that law, either in the lame-duck session this fall or in the budget next year.