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Appeals Court: Golden Week Shouldn't Return To Ohio

During golden week citizens could register to vote and cast an absentee ballot on the same day.

A federal appeals court has reversed a judge's order that restored a week of early voting in swing-state Ohio.

In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled Tuesday that the law that made the cut still allows for "abundant" opportunities to vote.

Democrats had alleged that a series of Republican-backed changes disproportionately burdened black voters and those who lean Democratic. Such policies include the elimination of a week of early voting in which residents could also register to vote. This was known as golden week.

Plaintiffs including the state's Democratic Party claimed the burden on voters outweighed any benefit to the state.

But Ohio's attorneys argued that the changes were minor and had already been in effect for two general elections.