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Proposed Chillicothe LGBT Discrimination Ban Sees Opposition

Bill Koontz

Chillicothe residents will meet tonight to discuss a measure banning LGBT discrimination in the city. But, not everyone is pleased with the first draft of the ordinance.

 Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney said the meeting will begin a conversation about the proposed anti-discrimination measure, which also includes areas like race, religion and age. He expects residents to have questions about aspects of the draft such as a proposed fee for businesses found in violation of the ordinance. 

“Being able to say we are open for business, everyone is welcome here is a crucial thing," Feeney said. "That being said, I fully acknowledge the small business owner who worries, 'I only have five people, if I make a misstep, $500 a day could break me.'”

The anti-discrimination measure has gotten some negative feedback. The CEO of city’s Chamber of Commerce and a former council president have both criticized the ordinance. Still, Feeney said once all the details are worked out, he expects it to pass.