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Day Two's RNC Platform Committee Discussions


The Republican National Convention Platform Committee spent Tuesday amending planks for their mission statement before next week’s convention.  Some of the topics were trade with Cuba, women in combat and the internet.  On day two, the committee meeting also included discussions on terrorism.

The committee approved a plank condemning radical Islamic terrorism, but rejected a proposed amendment saying the LGBT community, certain religions and women are specifically targeted.   Those opposed said Islamic terrorism impacts everyone, and some groups could be offended if left off the list.  Delegate Tracy Winbush of Youngstown supported the amendment, and wanted the wording to go further.

“We should have had categories of persons. I would have loved to have seen the minority community, the LGBT community, the Christians, the Jews. They all should have been spelled out, but should have talked about both foreign and domestic because both of them are terrorists,” Winbush says.

The platform committee approved increased screening of people coming to the U.S. from high-terrorism-risk countries.  A call for deeper relations with Cuba, including trade was rejected, as was a role for women in combat.