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Columbus Officials Confirm A Second Case Of Zika

The second case of Zika has been confirmed in Columbus.

Just one month after the first case was confirmed in June, a second Columbus resident has been diagnosed with the Zika virus. 

Officials from Columbus Public Health say the young woman in her 20's traveled to Saint Lucia, a region known to be affected by the outbreak. After she returned home she began experiencing symptoms, typically a rash or fever, and later tested positive for Zika.

Jose Rodriguez with Columbus Public Health says they expect to see more of these "imported" Zika cases with the rise in summer travel.

"These cases, once they're diagnosed here, the recommendation is that they wear repellent for 3 weeks... so that we lower the chances of local mosquitoes being infected," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says that up to 80 percent of individuals who may have been exposed show no symptoms. And because the virus is also sexually transmitted the Center for Disease Control recommends that individuals who have traveled to infected areas use contraception.

The Heath Department is asking that residents report, or remove standing water, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.