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Columbus Police Will Send Officers To Assist During RNC

The RNC will be held this July in Cleveland at the Qiucken Loans arena. City officials expect more than 50,000 people to attend.

Columbus Police say they’ll send 'sufficient' officers to Cleveland to help with security at next month’s Republican National Convention. 

Deputy Chief Michael Woods says Columbus is one of many departments from around the country that has offered to send officers, some from specialty units, to help out during the convention. Woods would not disclose exactly how many officers— only saying that it’s enough to help Cleveland, but not hurt Columbus.

The level of hostility seen by crowds at Donald Trump rallies is something officials have kept in mind while planning for the event.

“I think that’s one of the reasons that you have this request from Cleveland," said Woods. "To help augment the officers they have in Cleveland, to make sure they have enough officers to provide service to their city and police the event itself.”

Woods says Cleveland officials will be in charge of how security is carried out. Of course Columbus officers will still comply with policies established by the Columbus Police Department.

Woods is one of the officers who will travel to Cleveland, he said the option to do so was voluntary.

“We have a good number of officers who want to go be a part of this. It’s an important event in the process of electing a president,” said Woods.

According to Woods all personnel costs for Columbus officers will be reimbursed by the city of Cleveland.