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DeWine Pushes Back Against Guidelines For Transgender Bathroom Use

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Ohio Attorney General DeWine pushes back against Obama Administration guidelines on transgender bathroom use.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine pushed back against a recent letter from the Obama Administration outlining guidance on transgender bathroom use.

DeWine characterized the letter from the Departments of Justice and Education as a threat. While he stopped short of joining 11 other states who have sued the federal government, DeWine said he will vigorously fight against any action by the administration to take away decisions from Ohio parents and local schools.  

In a letter sent to the United States Attorney General and the Secretary of Education, DeWine wrote: "This attempt to nationalize and politicize the way schools address gender identity issues down to the level of school locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms might be dismissed as simple bureaucratic arrogance were it not so potentially harmful to our civic discourse and to the important rights and needs of all the school children involved."