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Columbus Gives Groveport Madison Big Discount On "Win Win" Fees

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Columbus City Schools followed expectations on Monday by renewing its role in the agreement known as Win Win, but with some changes.

Win Win says students living in annexed areas of Columbus will still attend their suburban district. In exchange, those districts send Columbus annual fees related to commercial growth.

Those fees add up to about $5 million a year.

The Columbus school board on Monday voted to renew Win Win, and to give the Groveport Madison school district a 60 percent discount on its annual fees.

The board also said it's willing to give other districts discounts on their Win Win payments.

“In its current form, the Win Win agreement disproportionately affected Groveport Madison Schools, particularly when you compare the financial impact to the other area suburban districts,” said Groveport Madison spokesman Jeff Warner.

The Dublin school district has expressed interest in leaving Win Win. The board was scheduled to discuss the issue at a Monday meeting.

Two state representatives from Central Ohio are sponsoring legislation to scrap Win Win, which was originally approved in 1986 to solve district border disputes.