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$6 Million Gift To Help OSU Vet School To Improve Care

Researcher interacting with a dog.
Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

A multi-million dollar gift from a pet food company will help the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine come up with new treatments for animals that could have applications to humans.

OSU Vet school dean Rustin Moore says the $6 million from Connecticut-based Blue Buffalo pet food will help to improve clinical trials mostly for dogs and cats who are ill.

"Of those, its a wide array. It could range everything from cancer, to heart disease, to arthritis, to neurologic disease, dermatology and many more. I would say probably somewhere about 40 percent of them, currently, may be half, are in the area of cancer," Moore said.

Moore says the $6 million gift is an endowment that will be invested and continue to grow.  

You can hear 89.7 NPR News' Marilyn Smith's conversation with the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Rustin Moore.