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State Lawmaker Pushes Israeli Boycott Bill

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The bill's sponsor, Republican Rep. Kirk Schuring, says the bill reinforces the U.S.' and Ohio's alliance with Israel. Pro-Palestine groups liken it to a suppression of free speech.

There’s a bill in the Ohio House to boycott companies that boycott Israel.

House Bill 476 would ban the state from entering into a new contract with a company “if the company refuses to engage in business or other commercial activity with the government of Israel or with a company operating in Israel or in territory controlled by Israel as an expression of protest against the policies of the government of Israel.”

It’s a bill that the Free Gaza Coalition, a pro-Palestine group, calls “an attempt to enlist state power to thwart our constitutional right to free speech.”

For more on why he sponsored the bill, WOSU’s Steve Brown spoke with Republican State Rep. Kirk Schuring of the Canton area.

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