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Muskingum U. Sorority Sisters Describe Finding Discarded Baby

Muskingum County Sheriff's Office
Emile Weaver, charged with aggravated murder, abuse of corpse in newborn's death.

Former sorority sisters have testified about finding the body of a newborn baby that allegedly was put into a trash bag and discarded by a Muskingum University  student last year.

One of the women testified in court Thursday that she and other members of Muskingum University's Delta Gamma Theta sorority went looking for the baby because they suspected Emile Weaver might be pregnant and planning to dispose of it.

The 21-year-old Weaver is on trial in Zanesville in eastern Ohio on charges including aggravated murder. Her attorney contends a charge that serious isn't warranted.

She's accused of placing the baby in a small garbage can shortly after giving birth, then wrapping it in a trash bag and leaving it outside.