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Reform Supporters Laud Kasich's Remarks On Redistricting Reform

U.S. Capital building
David Maiolo
Wikimedia Commons

Governor Kasich has once against voiced his support of reforming the way congressional districts are drawn...and that has supporters of reform encouraged.

A map of Ohio's current Congressional Districts.

  During his State of the State address last night the governor said gerrymandering belongs in the “dust bin of history”.

Supporter Representative Mike Curtin a Democrat from Marble Cliff agrees.

Curtin said that while the governor and other Republican statewide office holders support the idea, leaders in the Ohio House and Senate and Congressional leaders in Washington stand behind the status quo.

“The Republican leadership in the U. S. House does not want Ohio and does not want other states with severely gerrymandered advantages for republicans to adopt reform because that obviously means that they would likely lose some seats in their states that became more fair,” Curtin said. 

Curtin said this year's presidential campaign shines a harsh light on the problems gerrymandering can cause.

Hear Marilyn Smith's conversation with Ohio Representative Michael Curtin.