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Trial On Ohio Voter Laws Comes To A Close


A lawsuit over Ohio voter laws wrapped up this morning. Testimony from both sides could determine how thousands of absentee or provisional ballots are cast and counted in Ohio.  

Together with advocates for the homeless, the Ohio democratic Party sued the state's elections chief, secretary of state, John Husted. According to the lawsuit, current voter laws and procedures for counting absentee and provisional ballots create unnecessary hurdles for voters. Communications director Kirstin Alvanitakis said the trial has shown that every lawfully cast vote is not being counted.  
"Someone from secretary of John Husted's office claimed that he didn't think it was disenfranchising a voter if they perhaps signed in a place where they should have printed their name." 
In their defense the state's attorneys said the challenged laws are reasonable, nondiscriminatory and impose a minimal burden on voters.