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OH AG Rejects Group's Medical Marijuana Petition A Fourth Time

Laurie Avocado

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, today, rejected a group’s petition for a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana. This is the group’s fourth rejection by the attorney general.

The group Ohio Medical Cannabis Care LLC submitted 1,000 valid signatures with a petition to amend the state constitution, earlier this month.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said he found nearly a dozen inconsistencies with the petition’s language.

DeWine noted one discrepancy about registration cards. He said the summary language mandates people over the age of 21 to obtain a registration card to grow medical cannabis, but DeWine said the proposed amendment also states patients over 21 have a right to grow medical marijuana.

DeWine rejected submissions from the same group last July and October and recently in January on similar grounds. 

Last week, the AG rejected a medical marijuana petition from a similar group at least three defects in the summary language.