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Honda To Build Supercar In Marysville

Mandie Trimble
Honda will build the second-generation NSX in Marysville. The car will be marketed under the Acura brand.

Honda will build its second generation top-of-the-line car in Ohio instead of Japan. So-called supercars generally are built in a manufacturer's home country, but Honda said the U.S. is the 2017 NSX home.  

It takes Honda mechanics about four minutes to install an engine in an NSX at Performance Manufacturing Center.

The hybrid supercar, marketed under the Acura brand, has three electric motors, a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine and nearly 600 horsepower.

Most supercars are built in Europe, but NSX project chief engineer Clement D’Souza says Honda’s philosophy is to build it where it’s sold.

“It will definitely help the brand, not only from the standpoint of having this halo supercar, but it’s also the technology in the supercar that can be cascaded down to the rest of the Acura brand," D'Souza said. 

The car starts at $157,000 and will be built by order. Production begins in late April.