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Voting At Some Franklin County Polls 'Moderate To Heavy'


A heavy turnout in parts of Franklin County this morning caused some voters to wait nearly two hours to cast a ballot.  In Blacklick lines at East Pointe Christian Church stretched out the door.

Maria Adorjan-Eaton was one of many voters waiting to cast their ballots. But afterward, she says she was not discouraged.

“It is always worth it.  It is the right thing to do and it’s our civic duty,” Adorjan Eaton said.

Betty Allen was another voter who stood in line for more than an hour.

“It wasn’t too long; we got over here about 10 somethin’ … oh gosh it’s almost 12,” Allen said.

Though she did not say how she voted, she did say:

“I guess Trump was one of the reasons I came out,” Allen said. 

Polls close this evening at 7:30.