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Group Proposes New Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment, No Prescription Required


A new marijuana constitutional amendment could soon begin its journey through Ohio’s certification process. The measure, sponsored by the group Grassroots Ohio, deals with medical marijuana. 

Grassroots Ohio’s measure calls for the state to tax and regulate medicinal marijuana.  It would also allow people 21 and older to cultivate cannabis for their own use without a doctor’s prescription.

“They could self-prescribe and produce their own,” says Don Wirtshafter, an Athens attorney, who represents Grassroots Ohio.

“This is a very important medicine that has been denied us; people want to use the medicine and in the meantime it’s important that we provide just the simple herb to people and make it available for their use when they feel they need it,” Wirtshafter says.

Wirtshafter says the group is allowing for the possibility that the Ohio Legislature, which is currently examining the issue, will legalize medical marijuana.