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Cleveland Hospital To Discuss 1st Uterus Transplant In U.S.

The Cleveland Clinic's Miller Pavilion and Glickman Tower
The Cleveland Clinic's Miller Pavilion and Glickman Tower

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are set Monday to discuss details about the first uterus transplant performed in the U.S.

Clinic doctors performed the surgery late last month in Cleveland on a 26-year-old woman who did not have a uterus. The hospital has provided few details, but says the donor uterus came from a woman who had died.

The hospital announced last fall that it would attempt 10 transplants as part of a clinical trial.

Other countries have tried womb transplants. Sweden reported the first successful birth in 2014, with five healthy babies so far. Doctors there say the still-experimental treatment might be an alternative for some of the thousands of women unable to have children because they were born without a uterus or lost it to disease.