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State; Local Health Officials Meet To Plan For Zika Virus

Marcos Teixeira de Freitas
Ohio health officials meet to prepare their response to a possible Zika virus outbreak.

State and local health officials are checking out their readiness to address a possible outbreak of the Zika virus at a meeting in Columbus today.

Several local and state health departments are looking at current practices used in case of large scale outbreaks. Jose Rodriguez speaks for Columbus Public Health.  

"State officials are meeting today to do a 'tabletop exercise' which is really an opportunity to practice a specific scenario and learn about what systems are in place what systems work and what systems may need to be adjusted,"  Rodriguez explained.

Today's meeting comes two months ahead of the mosquito season.

The insects have been linked to spreading the Zika virus. The illness has been linked to a condition that can cause brain damage in newborns.

Listen to Marilyn Smith's conversation with Columbus Public Health's Jose Rodriguez about the response to a possible Zika virus outbreak.