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Some State Republican Leaders Disavow Support For Donald Trump

Ohio Republican Party
Ohio Republican Party chairman Matt Borgess

In advance of Trump’s campaign stop in Columbus on Tuesday the head of the Ohio Republican Party held a teleconference conference denouncing Trump. GOP Chair Matt Borges says he believes Governor John Kasich can unify the party. 

Borges said he was growing increasingly concerned at the prospect that Trump could become the Republican presidential nominee.  Borges put it bluntly:

“We have to stop him,” Borges said.

He said Donald Trump was not a unifier. Ohio Governor John Kasich, on the other hand, he said, is. 

“One thing that’s become clear especially given some of the more recent comments we have heard from Donald Trump over the weekend is that now we have a number of Ohio Republicans coming forward and saying that they will not support Donald Trump if he is the nominee.

Borges says the state party’s mission and goal is to make sure Trump is not the nominee.