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Record Number of Prisoners Exonerated In 2015

The National Registry of Exonerations lists a record number of people exonerated and freed from prison in 2014-15.

The National Registry of Exonerations released earlier this month lists nearly 150 people around the country who were freed after being falsely convicted of a crime.

Registry Editor and University of Michigan School of Law professor Sam Gross recalls three Ohio inmates exonerated after 39 years in prison.

“The eyewitness who had put them all in prison for these huge amounts of time, recanted and admitted he had lied, that he had gotten caught up in the process and couldn’t back down. He had told police that he knew what was going on and he didn’t. That resulted in this terrible, tragic outcome that ruined the lives of these men,” Gross said.     

Ricky Jackson and two co-defendants were released from prison last November. Gross says New York, Texas and Illinois had the highest number of exonerations last year.

Hear Marilyn Smith's conversation of National Registry of Exonerations' Editor Sam Gross.