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First Zika Virus Case Reported in Ohio Found In Returning Traveler


The Ohio Department of Health reports its first case of Zika virus in a 30 year old woman who traveled to Haiti and lives in Cleveland.

Health officials are not saying how the woman contracted the Zika virus.  The illness is primarily transmitted through a mosquito bite and there is no indication that it can spread from person to person through casual contact.

Planning is underway for Ohio health officials to prepare for the Zika virus at the local and state levels before the 2016 mosquito season that goes from May to October.

Officials say that 80 percent of people infected with Zika virus do not have any symptoms.  Those can include fever, rash, joint and muscle pain, conjunctivitis and headache.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control recommend that pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant reconsider travel plan to areas with Zika virus transmission.