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Ohio Community Police Board Continues Work On Standards

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Gov. John Kasich asked his police community board to create dispatching standards following the fatal shooting of a Cleveland boy in 2014.

 A law enforcement relations board created by Gov. John Kasichis developing first-ever statewide standards for police dispatching.

The board agreed Tuesday to add the standards to a list of other policies it's working on, including body cameras and how to avoid bias toward individuals based on race, gender or other factors.
The governor asked the board to look at the dispatching standards after the fatal 2014 shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland.
A 911 call taker never told the dispatcher who sent Cleveland officers to a city recreation center that a "guy" waving a gun might be a juvenile and the weapon might be a "fake."
Jay Somerville, a suburban Columbus dispatch center director, told the board that dispatchers would welcome such uniform standards.